Backer Plaque, can you put the name you want there?

So I backed on indegogo and I get my name on the backer plaque. My indiegogo used my EMAIL’s name because I didn’t register an account. Will we be able to put in like, our username? Or our steam name? (I’d like to use my name here)

If I remember right, Mac told me you can pick whatever name you so please, so it could be a real name, an alias, or a surprise gift for someone even!

ok thanks I was so worried that it would just say my email which is not what I wanted I wanted my user name. If it did say my email it would just say “firstname.lastnamebirthyear”

Nah. They have said multiple times for people not to worry about the rewards that require some sort of input (names, status, …) as they will be sending emails closer to when they are added for people to pick what they want.

ok thats what I thought