Backer Crowns

Green floating crowns above backers.

I’ll design a PNG image for it once i finish posting my threads for today.

Not to sound like a dick towards backers but don’t they already have enough exclusive backer stuff? (tag, particles, items, etc.)


What if they don’t like that stuff?

That’s implying they backed the game to get stuff they don’t like in exchange (which is kinda stupid)


Also, pretty sure the dev team said they wanted to limit stuff available to backers only, as they wanted to make things available for all players. This probably wouldn’t fit with that.

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Ok, so I won’t design the crown. If they decide to add it, ok.


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Other than custom backer rewards, the artbook, and the backer plaque, we are done with backer stuff. We won’t be adding any new backer things.

Oh and those desktop backgrounds.


I am already way too late on this (goddamn it I am always late cause busy and stuff), but backers got enough already. The rewards are just there so you get something in exchange, they didn’t back just for the sake of getting the items (hopefully).
And they are never doing exclusive items again.

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i liked how in gmt there were donator glows, in TU the only way to know if someone is a backer is to check them on the playerlist or see their backer stuff in the condos (even though not everyone knows what backers have)