Back to work on upgrade store?

I was wondering if you’ll guys will go back to work on the upgrade store after the fishing update, cause I really feel like getting that out there would be really important to make the game live with a whole set of customization.

although when you guys do, I would highly suggest having a few awesome customizations be locked behind completing milestones or maybe levels in the collection book. give reason to keep playing the game and progress through it.

Upgrades has had a lot of progress recently. Development isn’t halted on it. But Fishing adds a ton of new items and we don’t want to add 500 more new items just yet (each upgrade is an item).


after the initial upgrade update, will new upgrades be added to the store over time?

Of course.



minigolf ball but instead of a ball its a ball in a Accelerate kart thats drifting around minigolf upgrade, when accelerate comes out?

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