Avatar Marriage/ Sharing Condos

**So i propose that we should have the ability to marry other avatars. And after being married, if you play games with your spouse you can get a couple bonus of like 25U or something just by playing games with them. **

Also when you get married i think couples should be given an EVEN bigger condo , and the ability for both to decorate move and make the condo feel like home. My boyfriend and i would love to share a condo together.

This has been suggested on the forums many times, please use the search feature before submitting a suggestion.


Marriage is probably not going to happen; this is mainly because marriage does not fit with what TU is. Condo sharing is a possibility, but I believe it will be more along the lines of giving permission to certain people to be able to edit your condo together rather than two people sharing the same condo.

It has been said that if you wanted marriage it would likely have to be a workshop mod

You can just roleplay marriage if you really need to. Not to sound horrible, but most strangers aren’t going to care if you and someone else are a couple, and nobody wants it shoved in their faces either.


^ This! completely agree!

Sharing condos is a desired feature, but avatar marriage? Please no!

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