Autumn Plaza




Looks like the start of seasonal plazas, after this is implemented will we have a steady rotation of seasonal lobbies from now on?

I sure hope so. Boy, I’d love a Spring variation.

I’m more leaning in the Autumn(Fall) and Winter category in what I’m excited about. I live in Texas so Fall and Winter themes are a lot rarer for me and I find them more interesting because of that.


I’m not the biggest fan of autumn or winter since the weather gets rough over where I live in Sweden, but I do like how cozy it can be when it is in video games.

Really excited for a winter lobby too, but if there’s no bonfire…

As someone who lives in Chicago, I feel the same pain.

But winter is pretty awesome when you’re not experiencing skin-burning-sensation levels of cold (yay video-games).

I think you all will love the winter lobby, it’s going to be gorgeous.


can not wait.

I personally feel it’s still too soon to do different variants of the plaza since the plaza still isn’t 100% finished. My friends and I are still getting questionable frame rate drops in the Halloween plaza when otherwise our games ran super smoothly in the original plaza.

I can’t imagine the differences in versions being that drastic, so it’s probably going to be easy to adjust overarching changes to the 4 major variants. I doubt they started these versions without thinking about the potential difficulties of overall plaza changes.

Besides, it’s not like these are constantly on rotation. The team will have multiple months to get the next version ready for use, so they don’t need to make sure that all four variants are always up to date.

As for the Halloween plaza, it seems that some additional effects are used as well as plenty of additional decorations; I’d guess that this is the primary reason for your framerate issues. The classic plaza is a lot cleaner, so I wouldn’t worry about the effect some minor changes to the usual version would have on framerate.


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