Autumn 2018 Update (

Autumn Is Here

We’ve updated the Plaza to fit with the autumn/fall feel. We’ve also switched up the events a bit. Now Plaza has Target Practice, Balloon Shoot, and Food Frenzy minigames active. We’ve also turned back on the Metal Detector events which are now clientside so you don’t have to worry about other player stealing your treasure.

More Colorable Options

We’ve made a lot of the current items colorable in this update. Somewhere around 300+ items now can be colored to your heart’s content.

Bowling Media Players

Bowling now has media players per lane. This means you can queue up videos or music while you’re enjoying a round of Bowling with your friends. The media players do support vote skipping as well and only players who are playing Bowling with you can interact with your lane’s media player.

Condo Weather Saving

Weather in Condos now save, allowing you to customize your weather for each Condo snapshot without having to constantly update the settings each time.


  • Autumn has come to the Plaza
  • Weather settings now save in Condos (including snapshots)
  • Bowling: Added media players per lane
  • New Autumn minigame in Plaza: Food Frenzy
  • Lots and lots of items are now colorable
  • Ferris Wheel now has a few light cycles that animate
  • Ferris Wheel carriages now can swing with player input
  • New character dialogue UI
  • Store pedestal items rotates on mouse move now instead of just automatic rotation
  • Zombie Massacre: Removed some overpowered camping spots from Trainyard

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to Haunted TV and Crystal Ball
  • Fixed a crash with canvas disk cache
  • Fixed a crash with workshop models
  • Fixed manual inputs not working for rotation gizmos
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes MFMedia plugin would try to load
  • Fixed long standing inventory bug where highlighting or tooltips would just not activate sometimes (also improved highlighting logic to avoid issues like these in the future)
  • Fixed some typos in items and settings
  • Fixed being able to move theater screens in the theater condo with gizmos
  • Fixed canvas trusting not always working when you first join a condo
  • Fixed not being able to sell Splat drink item
  • Fixed theater media player issues in the theater condo, plaza (beach houses, roof top, and hq)
  • Fixed long standing bug with colorable items, resulting in parts going white after reloading among other things
  • Fixed players not showing up sometimes in Zombie Massacre
  • Fixed players not showing up sometimes in Ball Race
  • House: Fixed the UVs on the basement stair wall being offset. It is now aligned with the rest of the walls
  • House: Fixed the ceiling UVs in the basement stair room being warped and distorted. It is now in agreement with the other ceilings
  • Zombie Massacre: Reduced the chance of Zombies getting into areas they shouldn’t on Compound
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed collision issue with bridge support in Trainyard

Upcoming Updates

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


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