Autoplay Media Function

Alright, so a lot of users have wanted a ‘soundtrack’ to their condo. So, I was thinking, maybe there could be an option on media players to set it as your autoplayer (one allowed per condo) to play media automatically as you enter the condo. Since this can be abused, there could possibly be either:
A. An option in your game’s settings to allow autoplays
B. (I like this more) A popup when entering a condo that informs you of the name of the autoplaying media and allows you to choose wether youd like to hear it or not.

Thanks for reading, hope somebody thinks this is a good addition.


this is likely to be a thing, as there is (or used to be) a music button in the condo menu.

Still, I like your suggestions on how it could work.

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I want the music button from the GMT condo to come back. It had fantastic functionality. Only issue I have with right now is that you have to turn the TV or whatever on to play it and off/down to stop it which requires being at the tv. I don’t like that. Id love a condo-wide music player like in GMT. It would be rad.

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