Auto-reconnect making a return?

Was wondering if the auto-reconnect feature will be making a return in Tower Unite?


Please, devs. This is a must-have. :o

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Whenever I lost connection, I’d usually manually reconnect, but I can see why some people would want this.
They can probably implement it eventually.

Same here. ~ retry is just muscle memory.

This feature is mostly only warranted within Garry’s Mod. With Unite’s substantially stronger networking and more regional friendly third party servers, hopefully frequent disconnects will be a thing of the past.


As someone who lives in Australia rest assured that frequent disconnects will still be a problem for me. Please have some sort of auto reconnect. I beg you :3


I agree, the auto-reconnect will also be useful on player hosted servers with bad connection speeds.

We will probably bring it back or make it easier to retry connections, but really it is a thing of the past.