Audio confirmation when switching gizmo selection

When moving around items via gizmos, it’s easy to incorrectly select an item as left click is used to both select the item to control, and to actually click and drag the gizmos.

This leads to common situations where you accidentally select the wrong item, and, being unaware of the incorrect selection, end up moving the wrong item. This occurs particularly often when moving items via the XYZ translation, rotation, and scale options in the top right, like so:

Although this wouldn’t solve the issue, if some sort of sound effect played when switching gizmo selections, it would allow users to notice when it’s happening, preventing accidental movement.

I agree with the audio confirmation but I also think we should fix that bug.


Also can I suggest adding in Gizmo hotkeys, like having R to reset where you were and Esc to back out of the gizmo?

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