Attachable Live Radio Streamings URL in Condos

Would be nice if we can attach radio streaming URL’s to any property (can be speakers, radio or TV) in condos so we can add our own radio streamings to make condo parties better.

And an option to toggle on/off music in condos for everyone so people don’t need to try to find the device to turn it on. Whenever they spawn in condo they should automaticly hear the stream.


I like the idea would be really cool listening to in game with friends

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There are many affordable Radio Streaming services :slight_smile: You can even be live DJ yourself in your condo parties :slight_smile:

Just like with the placeable radios and the jukeboxes in GMod Tower! This is something they’ve GOT to bring back!

.pls support would be great…

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Sorry to bring up a few month old topic but I would love to see ICEcast or SHOUTcast support so you could listen to anything from progrock to straight up thug rap or 1940s music XD

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Maybe some sort of Spotify integration if possible? Would be pretty awesome.

I’m pretty sure the radios will just be for souncloud.