At least 1 "Master" difficulty Ball Race (Difficulty color is Black with white text)

I’m craving a real motor skills challenge from Ball Race, and I wasn’t sure when to ask this but since Ball Race networking’s a lot better I’ll ask.

I want something that really puts me to the test in terms of bounces and coordinations and all the like. SMB had a “Master” course after the Extra w/ no continues, so why not Tower Unite?

Maybe a Factory or Volcano or “Hell(?)” themed course.


Oh no, you’ve just reminded me of not only the Master levels in smb, but also memories in GMT. That’s a good way to drive most people crazy.

In all seriousness, I’d really like to see a really tough ball race map, I think it would be pretty fun. ( and salt inducing, but still fun.)

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agreed. midori is great, but half of the levels are “ride this small moving platform in a circle” which doesnt take any skill to do once you figure it out, so its not really hard. a master map needs to have a variety of level designs that test your skills in various areas of the game.