Ask the user below you a question!


He might not.

Am I awesome?


I dont even know you, but I guess so.
Beep or Bleep?


how many cats can you hold in your arms?


0 because I have no cats.

How long have you been awake on Casino?


I’ve been awake for ages.

Do you consider becoming a railfan?


no clue what that is.

Ready for another round of NECRO?



aw hell no
unless it’s crypt of the necrodancer

Does the TF2 Unusual Effect “Neutron Star” have small white particles and a foggy purple nebula emitting around a axis attached to a bright pulsing star, like a solar system?


Dunno, this is what it looks like.


There is no question.

Why did you take 20 days answering this question?


he had to do lots of research.

what’s the deal with airline food?


Very Funny. (Reference: That Phineas and Ferb Episode where they try to cheer up their sister.)

But seriously, It’s for those long journeys.

What radio channel is your favourite?


Radio Los Santos

What’s behind you?


The window.

What fantasy creature would you be out of a mermaid, a unicorn or a dragon?


Out of? You mean which one you’d be? I’ll choose dragon then. I like dragons.

What flavour of Pringles do you prefer?


Spicy Pringles.

I also had Pizza Pringles in Florida once.

If you had the power of any element, what would it be?


Iron. With that I’d be able to make some powerful magnets.

Do you want to be a movie star?


As long as it’s not a porn film then yes.

Should I get a drivers license?


No. Get a pilot’s license :smirk:

Is the song that created the To Be Continued meme a good song by itself?


Yes. You should listen to whole song.

What gameworld do you await for (right now)?


While I would like to play SDNL myself, I would imagine that Accelerate would bring about a more diverse and hopefully larger playerbase, so I would have to say Accelerate.

What is your favourite song performed by Frank Sinatra, if any?