Ask the user below you a question!


drink jagermeister 100%

do u smok weed m8?


Did you play osu?


Yup, level 63 :grin:

What’s your favorite game world in TU?


Minigolf by a long shot.

Seashell Bra, plain tank or a plain bra? (Kinda Weird I know but just for laughs)


I’ll pass.
why’d I decide to not answer?



You decided not to answer, because your primary goal was the necro

Will he stop the necroing?


He might not.

Am I awesome?


I dont even know you, but I guess so.
Beep or Bleep?


how many cats can you hold in your arms?


0 because I have no cats.

How long have you been awake on Casino?


I’ve been awake for ages.

Do you consider becoming a railfan?


no clue what that is.

Ready for another round of NECRO?



aw hell no
unless it’s crypt of the necrodancer

Does the TF2 Unusual Effect “Neutron Star” have small white particles and a foggy purple nebula emitting around a axis attached to a bright pulsing star, like a solar system?


Dunno, this is what it looks like.


There is no question.

Why did you take 20 days answering this question?


he had to do lots of research.

what’s the deal with airline food?


Very Funny. (Reference: That Phineas and Ferb Episode where they try to cheer up their sister.)

But seriously, It’s for those long journeys.

What radio channel is your favourite?


Radio Los Santos

What’s behind you?


The window.

What fantasy creature would you be out of a mermaid, a unicorn or a dragon?


Out of? You mean which one you’d be? I’ll choose dragon then. I like dragons.

What flavour of Pringles do you prefer?