"Ascending To The Top" achievement change

The achievement “Ascending To The Top” for reaching level 5 in Stack 'Em is currently way too difficult and frustrating.
I’m suggesting it should be lowered down to reaching level 3 instead. I feel if it’s left like it currently is people will just use macros to get it instead.

The whole point of the achievement is that it’s hard to get. Using macros for it now would be no different if not harder than if it were changed to 3 levels, as the speed of the game gradually increases as you continue.


I got it, it took me ~3 hours, but it is possible.

Yeah this is currently way too difficult for a simple achievement compared to other games.

I also disagree the whole point of the achievement is that it’s hard to get. It would make sense if Tower Unite was mainly about Stack 'Em, but it isn’t.

Tower Unite isn’t “mainly about” anything. It’s a game that has many features for players to enjoy and explore as they please. This includes the Arcade. I just don’t see why an achievement should be changed because it’s too hard for some people. The point of the achievement is that it’s hard, and making it easier would not only ruin the whole point of the achievement, but be unfair to the people who had already put the time and effort in to getting the achievement.


No one will be


Exactly. You just proved my point. Tower Unite isn’t mainly about anything. That’s why rogue achievements like this has no place in this game.

I have hundreds of games perfected on Steam and I have never thought “the point of achievement is that it’s hard”. Being part of the achievement hunting community for a long time, I can tell you that is not how we think of achievements. Most games agree. There are oddballs like this one that is “too hard for some people”, but they are generally not liked by hunters. I’m pretty sure this achievement isn’t just too hard for “some people”.

Modern game achievements are supposed to be fun and rewarding for your journey that isn’t frustratingly difficult. This isn’t one of them.

So, to be clear, your point is that this achievement is terrible because it is not only too difficult, but you have to go out of your way to get it? So would this also include something like the Marie 300% boss fight achievement from Skullgirls? Or what about completing a game on the hardest difficulty? Where does the line get drawn?


If one thinks the achievement is too hard, they don’t have to get it. If they go out of the way and do what it takes to unlock the achievement, they will be rewarded.