Art Gallery Store, Paintings, Sculptures and Frames

After going to the Chicago art institute earlier this year I’ve gained a new respect for Museums and the art displays inside them, so I think this would be a cool set of items! With an added store for that museum gift shop flair. The Items that could be added are:

  1. Famous (Public Domain) Paintings to hang in your condo
  2. Lots of Frames for these paintings or your own custom images
  3. Statues and models - both contemporary and archeological (Maybe you can find some of the more ancient artifacts with the metal detector as well)
  4. Customizable Placards, stands and glass cases for displaying these (or any) items.
  5. Art Supplies for in game drawing and painting? Fossils? Space? More Museum-esque Items?

Plus adding Workshop support and community additions for paintings would be cool. You could even place this near the roof art gallery to encourage more traffic to that part of the map.

Dude, the history nerd in me wants this so bad.


statues & paintings being super expensive could be an awesome way to use your money once you have a bunch and nothing to spend it on, collectables are always cool


I want all of this!!!


Agreed, I think this game could use a couple hefty Unit-sinks and some over the top fanciful items would be a fun way to do that. Something like animal crossings Gracie items would be cute, too!