Art Exhibit :O


As someone who has questionable artistic tastes and is not afraid to show it, the way the two Art Exhibit walls are placed bothers me :neutral_face:

Like, instead of “copypasting” the walls so they look the same on each side, I think it should look like one of the options I made below (the last one is my personal fave):

(keep the same font size and the way the text is done on the screenshots in the 1st post ofc)

The amount of effort I put into this drawing shows that I’m artistically disturbed by these walls and I may never find spiritual peace in this gallery for the same reason. Worst case scenario, I may lose synchronisation with the Sun and the Moon, leading to a state of mental chaos provoked by the disorder of my inner Yin-Yang. In short, do something about it and don’t take my spiritual rambling too seriously :sweat:

how do you get there I wanna see it :frowning:

It’s back near the monorail station inside the tower, next to the stairs.

Wait, its already in the game? Welp, guess this post is useless now