Aren't Games Supposed to be Played?

All I ever see people do is gamble at the casino all the time :joy:


Yeah. They’re playing the casino games.


Some people prefer to make their own games in their condo (Like me) and at the moment Casino is the best way to get units.
Until there is new things to do like LaserTag, fishing and treasure hunting Casino will be the dominating way to get bigger stacks of units.

Not this bloody argument again reeeeeeeeeee

  1. If people enjoy the casino, you can’t stop them from doing so. It’s a light, easily consumable activity that requires little attention and allows for chatting with other people in the Lobby.

  2. The casino is a part of the game. If people spend time in it, they are “playing the game”.

  3. The casino pretty much revived TU when it came out and is what keeps it popular.

  4. People, believe it or not, still play the Gameworlds/do other activities. I usually see a server or two open for each Gameworld (except PP) and I can easily hop to a lobby and ask for more players there.


I meant for it to be not serious, I made this as a joke. :neutral_face: