Are we getting the crawling animation back? (LC)

I know it’s only a little detail, but me and my friends liked all the animations UCH had.
Now we love it even more how it looks on TU, BUT we miss the old crawling animation the pigmasks had.
Is it going to be back? Maybe not now, but, someday I would like to see it again.


I hope we can get it back.

Isn’t the crawling animation already in the game, or am I thinking of something else?

I think he means this one:

I don’t think it’s in the game.

It is in the game, it just doesn’t happen when the knight is scared.

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Wow. I’ve played more than 200 rounds and never noticed it already had the animation. It’s something I think me and my friend would have noticed, we basically ONLY play this together. So, I don’t know, maybe some divine being made us look away everytime the animation was playing.
Also, thanks for answering!