Are there going to be shared maps? More to explain inside

Okay, so, I was scrolling through the Twitter feed today, because I haven’t, and I found this sneak peek at a brand new minigolf map (which looks badass, by the way) and I thought it drew HUGE comparisons to Midori for ball race (could not find good screenshot). So, I was wondering; are these to levels going to share the same name? Or, maybe just look the same with the floating islands with trees? Just wondering. If not, maybe it would be kinda cool to see half-familiar, half-new locations. Plus I GUESS it would be a little cheaper to double up on asset use.

The map is called altitude, and has completely different assets than Midori.

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Yeah, the assets were certainly different, not what I meant. Nice to know, though, thanks for responding. Only thought that because it’s floating islands with trees in the sky type thing. It looks really cool, by the way.

The map was actually unveiled before in a previous stream.

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