Are The Servers Dead Already?

I noticed that looking at server list today the game is largely less full. Sure there may be one server near full but now it’s just empty servers again.

People have school during the week day most likely. You should see number surge come the weekend.


As Nomad said, Most people will be back at work or school so they can’t get on until certain times.
Also different time zones will also be a factor for certain servers due to the time.

Ill be back on it on sunday night :'3


It’s also worth mentioning that the update didn’t just release anymore. It’s been a few days, so some of the hype has died down and people are no longer rushing to get their first taste of the casino.

There’s still like 400 people in game right now, most of the EU servers are full, America is probably getting off work or school soon.

We saw the same patterns for GMTower— peaks on the weekend, dips during the week.



Alright. Kinda just wondering.