Are the Questions SFW?

I love this API wanted to integrate it into an app in the office but I was concerned about whether something inappropriate might pop up - are the questions pretty PG?

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I can’t guarantee that there isn’t 1 question that might be non PG, but I can say that I haven’t accepted less than appropriate questions into the database.

Because I don’t quite know what might be inappropriate to you (since we’re all different) you can try searching for terms you might have issues with using our Browse area.


That sounds good to me - thanks for your help!


Its Japan isn’t it?

Sure is.


website name checks out

Ok well this is helpful as well lol :grimacing:

Although, that particular trivia goes against what Caboose said, “I haven’t accepted less than appropriate questions into the database.”, I think it’s hilarious and interesting, and find it 100x better than an unbelievable amount of extremely boring questions about stuff that the majority doesn’t care about. e.g. “In what year was [Insert anything] released?”

(Great find, Pierre, BTW!)

This is a public API and should definitely have a flag to filter NSFW questions. Please.

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I’ve removed this question from the database as A. it’s inappropriate and B. there was no source behind the information submitted.


Makes me wonder what category my “Saints Row”-question would fall in…