Are sprays making a comeback?

Are sprays planned to be brought back?

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I don’t think so, its too difficult for the staff to moderate.

If the staff haven’t changed their opinion since the last thread then the answer will still be:

Still i do like the idea of being able to place down a a image spray, maybe keep it to a short list of premade sprays like in half-life and counterstrike


Oh crap, I completely forgot I asked this already. Sorry! It was a long time ago :sweat_smile:

This tells me you don’t use the search feature. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even know what sprays are tbh! I tried googling and it’s just trying to tell me about weed killer. lol

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basically they’re just images that you can place on a surface. they’re in a lot of Source games like TF2 and GMod, and some other games like Overwatch also have them, though Overwatch just has a bunch of premade sprays rather than you being able to import images to the game

thanks for the explanation! I appreciate it.