Arcane Crane/Pluck-A-Pal

#1 Intro
I came in the arcade and I saw the crane was glitching out of the glass and I was able to get up to 5 plush at once due to the buggy collision (before I started recording)

[See media1] The bug in action

#2 How to reproduce it
Honnestly I don’t know I when in and out of the arcade and it bugged
[See media2]
#2.5 Speculation on how it happened
I think the claw gets in the floor of the machine while the machine is loading and then get stuck and the claw gets confused so it thinks its at the top but the claw is at the bottom so it clips thru wall and balls.

#3 Normal behavior
The normal behavior should be you can only get one and maybe if you’re lucky two and you shouldn’t be able to get a plush on every try.

as stated earlier I got 5 plushies at once and on almost every try I got a plush and the only times I didn’t get a plush was because it got stock and disappeared

Notes I know it has been reported but I wanted to show the more of this bug




Pluck-a-Pal is getting a couple changes in the next update, and I assume bugs with the crane will also be fixed along with them:

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