Arcade vendor took all tickets when purchasing an item

I had around 19k tickets in the arcade, and when I went to purchase the Laser Saber item (which costs 18k tickets), all of my 19k tickets were taken and I now have 0. I have not seen this bug reported on this forum. I exited the arcade and re entered to test if the tickets would come back, but it is still at 0 tickets


Looking at your account, you bought a glowstick, laser saber, and steam goggles. You have the items you bought in your inventory. Seems likely that Steam failed to sync them immediately with the game.


Thanks Mac,

Bought the glowstick yesterday and the laser saber today, but steam goggles are purchased by units I thought.

As an update, it seems like the rest of the tickets reappeared after a while, so it might’ve been a temporary glitch