Arcade Tool for people who want to mess with it


This is definitely something I can look into.
I don’t think this will require any changes to the existing mouse callback implementation because the current callback is already (x,y,xrel,yrel,focused).

My tentative plan would be to add a function that requests mouse-lock on the host application (sticking the user’s mouse to the center of the screen and hiding it).
This would be similar to SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode.

If you could add this as a feature request on the Github (issues) page so I can keep track of it that would be very helpful.

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on Metacade due to my new job, but things are starting to wind down a bit and I’ve got some time to throw at it.



Spent some more time programming, and got some gameplay set up! Still need to figure out collisions, and track objects like items / pipes.

One question I have is if there will ever be a way to do color sampling, for example if I had a black and white collision mask for a map, being able to specify a pixel and get its color value to use in code.
I was also curious if Metacade will ever support multiplayer, as it would be super awesome to implement into my game and also save me some time instead of writing a crappy AI :grin:


Toss a request up here for any features you want (or bugs you encounter):


Added a request on Github.

I wanted to mention that while looking at the metacade source code is that, as far I can see, it only uses the provided evt.motion.x and evt.motion.y (see this) and calculates the delta values for the callback using the previous input state (see this) instead of the SDL provided evt.motion.xrel and evt.motion.yrel, so the current callback is more along the lines of (x, y, x - oldX, y - oldY, focused). (Though this might be a non-issue if the cursor will be locked to the center of the window after every motion event)