Arcade tickets amount math on avalanche per hour, day, and week

I did the math on how many tickets you can get by playing avalanche for an hour, day, and week.

First lets talk about avalanche, you get 500 tickets when you hit the bonus of 500+ points, it takes 25 seconds to play though it and 3 more seconds on the arcade delay after you played it (this only applies if you using the same machine).

So 28 seconds for 500 tickets, times the seconds by two and you will get 56 seconds for 1,000 tickets, we need to round the seconds into a minute, 500/28=17.86, round this to a one and get 18 tickets per second, times this by 4 and you will get 72, add this to 1,000 and you will get 1,072 tickets per minute.

The arcade shop Asteroid belt have all the items properly up to near 3,000,000+ tickets (Most of that is just the Wowozela).

1,072* 60= 64,320 tickets per hour
64,320* 24= 1,543,680 tickets per day (two days while playing nonstop can get you all the items)
1,543,680* 7= 10,805,760 tickets per week (4 Wowozela if you’re insane)

you can get these amount of tickets on avalanche if you always keep getting the bonus and play it nonstop.