Arcade machines for the Arcade to come

If you saw the last Arcade it was fun when you first arrived but how many times did you visit it after that? It was kind’ve overlooked after your first visit. So here’s what I think should happen to bring more players to the future arcade.

Just like the casino you can buy “Tokens” from a NPC to play games, but these games are not like the gameboys of olden tower, there could be arcade machines based off of real world arcade machines to seem more appealing and these would give you “tickets” if you played well enough, You could then exchange said tickets for items only available from the arcade that you couldn’t buy with units.

Tell me what you think bellow or how it could be improved, thanks.


You’ll be happy to now that that’s almost exactly how the new arcade works. There are concepts for 5 cabinet games (last I checked) in the works, and also billiards, skee ball, and air hockey. All of which will give you tickets to buy prizes with.


That’s great, some of the machines I would at least hope to see are monster drop, spin-to-win wheel, and maybe some form of coin dropper game, but in the style of tower unite to avoid copyright stuff with the original machines.

Spin to win will be in the casino. The cabinet games are all (at least for now) video arcade games, so no coin drop games. Don’t know what monster dropper is though. The ones they were working on back in Lobby 2 were a space shooter and a versus-style pacman clone. Things could very well have changed, though.

I would actually love to see a proper coin dozer game in the Arcade. Right now, the only decent coin dozer experience I can recommend is going to an actual arcade and playing one, because most people who try to develop them get them wrong. They’re too gimmicky, or too easy, or they’ve got microtransactions or advertisements, ugh. To see a decent virtual coin dozer would be icing on the Tower Unite cake for me.

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Huh. Never seen that. Looks fun, though.

It looks very fun imo, but you should take a look at some of the machines he plays in those videos, there’s many in his videos that could be used in the arcade as long as it doesn’t go against a copyright or something.