Arcade machines as unlockables

It would be nice to have the abillity to buy arcade machines for units/tickets and have the abillity to play them at home in the condo, you would not earn tickets/rewards from the machines neither would you need tokens to use them. Maybe not all machines would be obtainable but simple ones such as Planetary Piano, Avalance, Stack’em and Metroid Mania for example

Addition : There could maybe be a condo specific leaderboard

I would love for there to be milestones for the specific machines so that when you reach YYY xp / achievement you get the machines unlocked to buy, so that when you’re done grinding birde feeders or salmon says you can get the experience of doing it in the comfort of a place no one is screaming in.

That is a good concept but isn’t all milestone going to the arcade and not the specific machines?

I’m proposing there being a sub-milestone, like an achievement. Like with Planetary Piano where you do so many keys you get an achievement. Why not have it so if you unlock a certain achievement or milestone, you unlock the ability to purchase something?

Well there isn’t anything past 1000 keys it seems only the 300 key one

I wouldn’t be opposed to this, actually! With how people buy arcade cabinets IRL for free personal use, it makes perfect sense.
Just disconnect it from the public leaderboard and gut it’s token cost. Maybe replace the public leaderboard with a private one that’s stored in the condo or the machine itself. I don’t know how the game is coded but it sounds like it wouldn’t be terribly difficult. I’m not a Pixeltail employee though, so I could be making a wildly bold and incorrect statement right now. :no_mouth:
Planetary Piano and it’s real life counterpart are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, so I’d absolutely buy a free-use machine for my house and hide it somewhere…
no-one needs to know… >_>


This is what I’m thinking would be a good concept

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Right. So, is it possible to add an achievement, say, 100,000 or 500,000 or 1,000,000 keys and then it unlocks the ability to redeem tickets for a planetary piano? Maybe the number of tickets you have to redeem would be the average total number of tickets you earned playing it

having to press 100,000-1,000,000 keys sounds more like a cruel punishment than an achievement honestly


Is it going to stop some of these guys from doing it, though?

I mean, some people will do it anyways, but I really don’t think that massive, overblown milestones should be implemented just because “dude look at how dedicated some of these people are.” if anything, it would alienate a lot of the people who DONT want to grind their life out on their favorite machines, and might even make them hate the games they used to like if they DO try and go for it.
It’s not like the Wowozela, where you have to work your butt off for the opportunity to annoy your friends in a really fun and flashy way… It’s just a home machine.

Yes, I realize that the Wowozela is exactly what I’m saying they shouldn’t do with the machines, but if you’ve ever seen for but for a second what the Wowozela is like, you’ll realize why it cost 2.5 million tickets.

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We’re talking the opposite of the Wowuzela–the ability to not leave your condo to have everything the game offers. The game is designed to be at least semi-social. You’re working your butt off for the right to retire.

You could just like… Have them be just for fun and grant zero tickets or EXP gain.


That is like the whole concept

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Since they wouldn’t award tickets, there’d be nothing stopping you from prioritizing a home arcade over the real one. I think because of that, this would be a great idea and be a start at giving condos more things to do.

Yeah since I have a empty room and I really like this kind of stuff irl but don’t have money so I want to make one in TU would be cool if it works too that is why I suggested

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