Arcade Game Suggestions

As we all know, we can no longer use the flash arcade games in Tower Unite. So you guys can suggest some new games.
Game Name: Return Fire
Genre: Run N Gun platformer.
Story: (Optional) In 35XX, an alien empire invades earth with the intent to conquer and terraform it. The United States discovers these plans and sends out two highly experienced cyborg warriors to invade the aliens’ island base and stop their evil plans: Jake and Kyle. And thus begins Return Fire.


Good idea. I would like to see this in Tower Unite!

As much as I would like to see this, I feel like the devs have too much to do with the major features of TU to make a host of arcade games. Maybe there could be some way to have players program the games? I’m not a dev, though, so I can’t say if they would or wouldn’t consider this, as it does sound like fun and I’d be thrilled if they did add something like it.

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I mean, it’s a feature to keep in mind for sure.
Sorta like Oculus support. That won’t be coming til after the full release of Unite, since the team is working on the essentials first.

Yo what about an arcade game about ME da famus celebrtitty guy big G. I gat so much moniz dat eye can order my slaves I MEAN payed slaves to build me a golden stature off a dik. so i wanna game about me where i have to claim land and bild bildings cuz im rich ass a bich. dis game wil be ripping off I MEAN inspired by civillizasion game. MAK IT HAPEN OR ELS I WIL GET MY SLAVES o wait PAYED WORKERS TO DO IT FOR ME!!!