Anyway to get a Condo Refund? :(

Just bought the Underwater Condo but it’s not what I expected.
I’ve been saving to get 400k for a looong time, but now I regret buying it.
I even sold all my stuff from the other condo so I could get it.

finally got that money and now it’s all gone and I don’t even like what I bought.
pls ;-;

I don’t even want all the money I spent on it.
Maybe like, 200k is pretty good.
150 also. But I don’t want to lose it all. :frowning:

No there isn’t.
For the future ask others that own the condo and host them so you can take a look around to see if you want it yourself.
Or watch the “That New Condo” video which previews at the Realtor when you select a condo before purchase.


^^ agreed

I did watch the video and I didn’t find anyone who had it. People who had it didn’t even want to show me.

I have been meaning to let people sell Condos for awhile now. We have a patch next week and I can start working on the feature then.


That’ll be awesome!

Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this since I bought Highrise!

Also, how many units will you get for selling your condo?

Probably 50% or less
Which is perfect

so I will get 15000 units from Art Studio, the worst condo in exsistance? That’s basically 1 silver catsack.

As someone who wants to get every non-backer item in the game, I don’t get selling stuff. Well hey, to each their own.

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I love the Art Studio. For me it’s just a easy map to set up a nice movie theater. Small and simple, like Suite.

I do like that also. But first I want to get everything i WANT first. So I’ll need the money.