Anything Goes... [Rebirth]

Rebirth of home.

Just remember, the rules still apply:

Also there’s no rules* except not posting horrible images and things that are illegal in the entire world. That means no warez, no guro, no futa, no fetishes in general, no furry porn, no porn, no threats, no penis, and all those horrible things that the internet has shown us.

  • unless you go out of your way to be a general retard for more than 20 posts on a single thread you start trying to be both witty and trollish, while failing in every possible imaginable way

Or, you know - if you are still up to doing porn & such, Put NSFW tags to the links - and, if possible, use spoilers on it.

Time to drop some of that steam!

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because why not…


I don’t know when we should have started with the YTPMV, but we are obviously late.

Daily Activity

I always find this video funny every time I watch it, maybe you will too.

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o boy