Anyone interested in getting tons of units from virus?

I recently made a steam group to get a ton of units from agreeing not to infect as infected in virus and was wondering if anyone wanted to join, I’m trying to get a group together to farm.


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How many units on average do you get each “game”? I’ve been wanting to buy the underwater condo for awhile now.

if you get most kills on survivor, per ROUND, you get 1550 units so * 7 or so you can get around 10k per game

how is this even allowed lol

I mean it’s not really an exploit, it’s getting a group of people to agree to not infect people to get units.
It’s kind of like the blackjack thing where you can just stand repeatedly.

you get 1,550 in 1st place, 1,450 in 2nd, and I’ve never been in 3rd place so idk so it’s probably 1,350.
each round is around 80 seconds. If you get picked as infected, you get around 100 units.

I think Ballrace might be faster since if you have a good team, you can finish levels in under 20 seconds and get around 400-600 (somewhere around that) per level.

I’ve always theorised if playing Virus like that is a good way of making units, I’ve seen people playing Laser Tag like that, but it could have always been ruined by random players joining.

that’s why you get a group and make it friends only