Anyone here play Core?

Super fun game. Could use more friends in it. Add me if you do. Same name as here

This game?

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Yep. That’s the one.

I’ll take a look at it later, seems interesting enough.

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Yeah, it really is. I’ve heard it described a lot as “Roblox for adults” which is actually pretty accurate.

looks like fortnite

Artstyle-wise, yeah kinda. I have yet to try Fortnite Creative, though, so I don’t know if Fortnite has as many games as Core does.

Just tried Fortnite Creative. Sucks ass compared to Core.

How is this? This slipped under my radar, the idea seems great but I tried Crayta (Google Stadia’s similar exclusive) and was pretty disappointed. It just felt extremely janky and had no population. I’d be hesitant but curious on this one.

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Crayta is on Epic too. I tried it and I agree. It’s not great. Core is a thousand times better than Crayta. Only thing Crayta has going for it is the graphics. Core’s graphics aren’t quite as good.

It’s more that Core aims for a cartoonier artstyle, even if a quite generic one, which is in my opinion a point against it, another one potentially being the token system which reeks of live service tosh. I’ve been checking its editor (similar to other recent game editors I’ve seen) and I’m devising a game world or two.

The credits are only for cosmetics. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve been playing for months and haven’t spent a cent.

Edit: Also, what’s wrong with cartoony artstyles? I love cartoony art, so that’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the game. Crayta is just as cartoony, it just has better lighting

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Nothing wrong with that, quite the opposite, it’s the genericness (hence the “looks like Fortnite” remarks) that’s the issue.

Ah, ok. Gotcha