Any servers online right now?

Server IP in chat please! Dont forget the PORT

If someone is hosting a server, they’ll probably post it here.

Only one problem… I want the server IP as fast as possible… Its been 6 days since the last server and im just putting this up here cuz i want someone to read it and start a host for a little while… I miss it out when there posting it on the server topic list… Im more active here…

You could set the category to “tracking.” Then the “New” and “Unread” count will include things in that area. If you want notifications (the little number above the speech bubble icon on the top bar) then you could set it to “watching.”


Wait a week or so for dedicated severs to come out, I’m sure a lot of people, myself included, will be hosting servers 24/7.

What information do you have that there will be dedicated servers in a week?

I’m just assuming based on the fact the trello syas the steam alpha is due for release on the 22nd, and Zak said the dedicated server software would ship with the alpha.

I’m pretty sure that everything happening with the next alpha has been described on this card, and Dedicated Servers aren’t on this list at the time of me posting this.