Any plans on adding chat bubbles?


I think it would be nice to have different channels on chat like: private,group,friends,public. Plus speech bubbles on the character something like the image.

And thanks for reading.


EDIT: Also, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I miss PS Home.


O shit i didn’t see that. Excuse me


To be fair, there’s no plans for chat bubbles and that would be pretty awesome.


Yeah, chat bubbles are radical


LEGO Universe had chat bubbles too

rip :cry:


I’ve seen this in many other socially focused games, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit right into Tower. :thumbsup:

Especially useful when there’s a lot of players across the server talking at once. This could make it much easier to focus on local conversations.


The ps home nostalgia is real. Chat bubbles would actually make this game feel so much more social as opposed to just the global chat. Would love to see this added. (:


We had chat bubbles in GMod Tower. The reason they aren’t in Tower Unite was just some technical things, which then evolved into not having time at the moment. I think chat bubbles were a nice feature and as long as they are toggable I don’t see an issue with adding them.


Glad to hear that!