Any other fit nerds about? (GYM)

I feel like I’m the only fit nerd that exists, does anyone else from the community go to the gym? Just curious I suppose. If so, how many times a week and how dedicated are you?

I would go if there were gyms near me. :neutral_face:
Closest one is about 5 miles.

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That’s gotta suck, mine is about 3km, I just drive there, not a single day goes by where i think “its not worth it”

every day, pushups, weights, abs etc.

I sometimes go to the gym after college I guess

I run alot if that counts.
Because sadly the nearest gym is only opened for schools, and the next closest one is some 10 kilometers away from me, no way im running that far just to lift weights.

Whether I am a fit nerd? Hah, I don’t even know what fitness means.

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squat, deadlift & bench?

does no one have a car or something?

TIL being 19 instantly means i get a car.
Joke aside no, i got a drivers license but i dont have a car since i dont need one.
Having a car and not having a use for it seems like a waste of resources really.

I go to the gym, I don’t lift weights though. I just use the machines, run a lot and do abs stuff. Mostly just wanting to be healthy and not wanting to gain muscle for reasons!

I run everyday, not much but I do run. Surprising right? :new_moon_with_face:

That’s good then man, staying healthy is probably the best thing you can ever do, it’s changed my life that’s for sure

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