Any good way to get virus milestone #3 easy?

I don’t want to cheat or bust a hole through my screen…
Any ideas? :frowning:

Get better at the game? I dunno whatelse to tell you. Mind you I don’t really know what Milestone #3 is.

It’s the one where you have to be the last survivor of the round.
Kinda luck based, depending on how much time you have to hold out for and how often your team ends up dead before you.

Play much Virus and be patient.

I’ve been here for quite a while now and I’m only 3/4 of the way there. I’m sure I’ll get it within a few months or so.

  • Stay in a part of the map away from the other group of players and where there are only two or less entrances.(After the infected has been chosen don’t be bothered by having 1 or 2 next to you.)
  • Always look at you mini map to see which of the entrances they are comming from.
  • Use shotgun at Medium to Short distances.
  • And use automatic weapons for long distances.
  • TNT 1 of your entrances.
  • Use adrenaline smartly.
  • AND DON’T HUG THEM! (Even if they say please, they are stinky and bad 4 U. :mask: )

If i could i would give you photos of some good spots on some maps but my GMod is broken.

Here is a helpful link:

Thanks, I will keep on trying. I hope to get virus milestone 3 before TU…


Another good idea is to avoid the map hospital. It often gets too crowded to survive as the last one.

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I farmed it on the Aztec level by going underground whenever everyone else clustered the roof areas. TNT one side and just camp with sonic or double barrel shotgun. Got quite a few last survivor wins there.

Well that’s gonna be hard, referring from the fact that Hospital is so overplayed. Maybe this is no longer the case, I haven’t been on GMTower alot anymore, so this might have changed.