Anti-Virus keeps deleting a binary, help?

Kaspersky keeps deleting one of the binaries in the Tower folder, I’ve tried making it an exclusion so the software doesn’t delete it, but it still does.

Any advice on how to stop it?

must be deleting Virus
as for actual advice, I have none


Which file?

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It keeps saying that its either a trojan or “generic.” I have no idea what generic means and I don’t understand why it could be trojan.

Good news! I changed up some of my settings in my anti virus and now I can run the game while my antivirus is in the background!

I’m guessing the dev team is already looking into this but if you want to correct this at least temporarily (for the current build) on the side of the AV vendor and therefore for all users of the product, send the allegedly harmful file in as a false positive. I’ve done this dozens of times for a mod I was using for a while and if you don’t submit it at very business-y times like Friday night, it usually gets corrected in a timeframe from the update of the same evening to a couple of days.