Another Suggestion For How Joining Gameworlds Could Work

I’ve probably suggested different ways for joining game worlds to work like 5 times at this point but I think this one’s better than the other ones I suggested trust me on this.

The new game world menu shown in the latest devlog has a matchmaking tab in it and I wanted to share a suggestion for how it could work (if it isn’t how it will work already):

So, when you click the matchmaking button it queues you up for a match for the game world you clicked it in (clicking matchmaking in ZM’s menu queues you up for ZM, etc.). This would work the same as just queuing in the game world ports but you could go to the plaza or condo while waiting for a game to start.

And, here’s the second part of my suggestion:

Just assuming the matchmaking button will work more or less like how I suggested it could, there wouldn’t really be much of a need for the game world ports to exist anymore since its whole purpose would be accessible through menus, and said menus could do more than the ports.

So, instead of having the game world ports in the main menu and only used for matchmaking, they could be moved back to the plaza, since the plaza itself doesn’t really have a way to host game worlds as easily as the main menu provides. Not only that, but the ports themselves could also be given some new functionality:

Rather than just putting you in a matchmaking queue when you press that rectangle thing next to each game’s port (I don’t know what those are called), it would take you to that game’s menu. That way, not only would you be able to use the ports to queue for a match, you could also use them to start your own matches, join matches, and see a description of how each game plays.

I feel like I worded this suggestion a lot longer/more confusing than I could have, but I really like it and I hope you do too.

Having this option plus moving the gameworld ports to the plaza to join a queue there would be perfect


It’s a big issue, but as an aside, I really like the idea of maybe putting the rectangular bois in the game worlds orb thing, and removing the teleporter altogether, I feel like that would be a nice way to integrate it (In the system you’re suggesting). It would suck to toss the ports map altogether though, so maybe that’s just a fantasy.

100% agree on making the menu and plaza serve the same function.