Another Player Testimonial

Hello devs of Tower Unite! I love your testimonial video you posted on your channel btw! Anyway I was thinking you should make another video just like it and make it about a week after steam early access is released, you could ask fans what they like about TU, what’s the first thing they did in TU or what’s they favorite thing that changed from gmtower!

:smiley: Thx 4 checking out my post! <3


wow that’s a coincidence because I just rewatched that video today

I would gladly contribute my testimonial to this.

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“it’s ok i guess”


Yeah! me too! :smiley:

“Worst game ever played… Oh wait we’re talking about Tower Unite? 10/10”

######Knack is the best


I’m up for it, too!

“I just like Zak’s hair.”


lol xD

That sounds like an awesome idea. I’d gladly contribute aswell.

Maybe the testimonial video should be delayed until the full release of the game? The video could be recorded in segments throughout Tower Unite’s history in Early Access, or right near the end. This would let the community have some time to adapt and give their true opinions of the game overall, instead of what little content they experience thus far.
(I’m hoping there will be an epic mega update to bring the game out of Early Access to go along with the testimonial video, thus letting new players interested in the game see how good the game was before and how much better it is after the mega update that marks the game’s exit of EA).


I would gladly join as no one told me the first one was happening and i was a bit sad to be left out ;—;

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cri evy tim ;-;

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Me too, since i’m trying to get the game on day of release anyways.

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