Announcing Tower Unite Adventures World!


Hi! I’m Mister. W some of you may know me from my first project Tower Unite Adventures! I want to thank all the hundreds of guests I’ve had over the course of this amazing journey. Every time a group of friends has a blast in my space it makes all the effort worth it, again thank you! :grin:

Well I’m back! After a busy semester and summer classes I’m finally getting back into Tower Unite and I’m focusing all my efforts on the project I’ve wanted to build since I first started playing. A 1:1 scale theme park full of all the fun and excitement you can imagine.

I’ve created a small welcoming area for fellow theme park enthusiasts to hang out along with some goodies you can take home. I’ve set up an in game board to be updated with a park map and info as I build the park. I’ll also be posting updates on my twitter.

Now please bear with me. This is a HUGE endeavor, it’ll take a while to have to first areas available to the public and it’ll probably take more than a year to finish the whole thing! But I hope some of you are as excited as I am and I hope to see you in-game!

If you have any suggestions or question feel free to ask me anything! :grinning:

-Mister. W




OOF indeed