Announcing the Little Crusaders Public Beta!

Hey everyone!

To prepare for the upcoming release of Little Crusaders, we’ve decided to release a beta client of Tower Unite with a Little Crusaders playable beta. This public beta will be available starting this weekend.

To participate in this awesome beta, you will have to opt-in to the beta branch on Steam with your copy of Tower Unite.

#The beta is now over, thanks to everyone who participated!

The beta will start Saturday the 4th at 2pm PST.
The beta will last until the following Saturday the 11th at 11:59PM PST.

Here’s how to opt-in to the Little Crusaders beta:

  • Open your Steam Library and right click on Tower Unite
  • Click on Properties and then the Betas tab
  • Using the drop down, select “crusaders - Little Crusaders Beta”
    The beta is now over and can no longer be entered into.

Keep in mind, this beta client only has Little Crusaders enabled, so you’ll have to leave the beta branch when you want to play the other games. This is because we’re still migrating over to the latest Unreal engine update (which you can track here).

Any payouts you earn while playing the Little Crusaders beta will go towards your normal Tower Unite account!

With this beta, we’re looking for feedback and bug reports. Please post your Little Crusader bugs or suggestions to our sub-forum:

We hope to use this beta to polish up Little Crusaders for public release in the weeks following the beta.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

We hope you enjoy the Little Crusaders beta, we’ve put a lot of love into Little Crusaders for you all to enjoy.

About the Unreal 4.14 Engine Migration

Migration to the new Unreal engine is making huge progress, but we’ve hit a few snags concerning the Minigolf physics and P2P. The changes to the new Unreal engine requires us to rewrite the majority of the P2P code. As for Minigolf, we’re recoding the entire physics system for it. Due to these unfortunate issues, 4.14 migration (which includes the release) will be delayed while we resolve these issues. Migration will improve load times and offer additional features that we can use for our game.


o boi

holy shit betas
yes please


I don’t see the beta option?

Same with me

The branch will be available when it’s live, at the time specified in the topic.


Ah okay.

Very excited for this, UCH was my go-to game for a long time on GMTower and I doubt this will be no different (except for all the amazing new shiny stuff thanks to UE4).

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yes pleas

Restarting steam and checking for the beta like


RIP weekend


Welp it for me will be 11PM (CET)

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Holy fuck, yes!

My longest Yeah boi for LC coming to beta


This will probably crash the servers

Gameworlds are P2P.