Announcing Lobby 3 (Project 23)



i cant wait to see more of the new lobby
it will be REALLY FUN to explore a new lobby and hopefully have achievements and such
it will feel like a whole new experience when playing


Hmm Lobby 3 sounds great! Will there be swapping between Lobby 2 and 3?


This looks really cool! Just a few things I noticed:

  • The waterslide from GMod Tower is back! You can see it behind the trees.


  • In the back left, you can see what looks like a trail in a tropical forest.


  • The Tower looks like it’s at the center of the map now, rather than at the edge. Maybe it’s a bit more important in this lobby than it was in Lobby 2.

  • There’s this weird glass building, behind the 3.


  • The monorail looks like it goes all around the island now.

  • The beach houses look like they’re spread around the island rather than just in one area now.

  • You can see Poseidon to the right.

Project 23 Signs (Now Lobby 3)

i like this
let me just contact and tell everyone i know who will be interested in this big news


I just love it!


sorry that im doing this forbidden act again but


Looks even better than Tahiti!


Maybe the glass building is supposed to be one of the buildings in the game’s logo?


Maybe its a bit of of the monorail system but that does seem like a pretty good theory viptoman.




this is epic


what a deluge


Heavy rain or precipitation


This is honestly better than anything I could have hoped. I was expecting them to keep the current island but just rearrange things. But we got a whole new lobby that makes a better use of it’s space and just looks more alive and vibrant. Can’t wait to see more of it!


The glass building has trees in it (Biodome,Nature store,or anything)



Just out of curiosity, what was he actually reacting to?


He was reacting to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Reveal


Lol. Goddamn, Etika must really love smash.