Anger confusion, and stock photos


So google changed how you can view images. They removed the damn “view image” button so you now cant directly get the image link. Any idea on how to surpass this problem? My apartment is kinda hecked if i cant fix this.


Right click, Open image in new tab?


they remove it from copyrighted contents and such, just right click on images directly and stuff.



Use Bing.


(please don’t use bing.)


They can use whatever as long as it ain’t Yahoo.

’Nam style flashback


Right click on the image, click “copy image address”. This will copy the direct link of the image without having to find the image link in “Inspect Element”.




Nope its on all of them


Has the massive google thingy on it, wont work


Thanks man, works now. Its gonna be weird not using edge anymore


Yea the first thing I thought when I heard of this was “Oh god I use that for Tower constantly”. Its annoying when a site or software you use loses functionality/convenience and is essentially downgraded.


Just for info, these buttons were lost because of an interaction with Getty Images and Google.


Are you implying you’re hotlinking canvases in your condo? Guys, please don’t hotlink images. Who knows what might happen…


This scenario reminds me of sending each other hyperlinks on AIM that were shock sites under disguise text, before rick rolling came and went it was easier to get people to click on things, or maybe we were just stupid middle schoolers.

I only hotlink temporarily to test textures on the fly before trying to edit my own and host on imgur. Its useful for getting a rough feel of what you want a project to look like.


Everything in my condo is hotlinked… better fix that i guess cause my whole condo is made of canvas