Ancient Orca (12 Sea Dollars pet for Condo) can't float

I saved up 12 Sea Dollars, and purchased the Ancient Orca and added it to my Condo. It can’t float in water and just sinks to the bottom. It won’t allow me to move it either. This bug occurs on land as well.


Are you using aquariums? You can’t place fish or the sea pets in Underwater condo/Default condo water.

You should be able to place fish in condo pools as well (Not sure about sea pets).

@Lefty: I was trying to place it in the open Condo water, yes. I didn’t know it needed to go specifically in the aquariums. I was hoping to let it more swim around than SeaWorld the poor guy, lol.

@ScienceBird: I gave tried your suggestion, and the Ancient Orca is a bit too big for either of the Condo swimming pools. You can’t scale it down either so I’ll buy the large aquarium and just scale it up a ton I guess?

Quick edit: I purchased the large Aquarium, and had to scale it up so much it doesn’t fit anywhere without either the Orca clipping through the glass, or being larger than the house almost. I’ll probably just keep it in my inventory in case this is ever changed in the future.

Thank you both for the rapid response and help – appreciate it!


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