An update for SteamPlay users


If you’re using SteamPlay I literally can’t believe Steam just did this considering the timing of removing the Linux depot, but Steam have just made some updates which are really great. (Of course to the Steam BETA client currently)

The two significant updates:

  • Added the ability to force-enable Steam Play in per-title properties, including for native games
  • Reworked global Steam Play enable settings to only override the Proton version used by unsupported games

TU is now running on Proton version 3.16-1, I don’t actually have Steams override setting for this on anymore, but it automatically started using 3.16-1 for TU evidently in the version file in /steamapps/compatdata/394690/
But it’s working so far, no crashes yet.

Thought this is useful info to share since I’ve noticed a few Linux SteamPlay users around, the audio now seems to be working even better, but still requires the xaudio2_7 library override in winecfg to fix the audio issues in Plaza etc.

I yet to play more and see how it handles but just wanted to put it out there, SteamPlay is doing fantastic.



I’m just using the latest version of Proton/SteamPlay, no special tweaks, and TU seems to work just fine for me. Better than Windows, I dare say, since it seems to load over twice as fast through SteamPlay as it does natively on Windows 10, in my completely unscientific experience.

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