An open letter to Rob

Hi @Rob I run a podcast on my YouTube channel can we interview you for it get your opinions on how tower unite is coming along and your views on the gaming industry as a whole

That was super insightful!

To get Rob more interested, you might want to include other things that you’ve done on your channel, a more in-depth view on what your topics will be, and why you want him specifically instead of some old Joe on the street.

Also, PMing him would be more effective :wink:

EDIT: You may want to include a link to your channel, because I was actually curious as to the content.

too be honest i just think he needs to ask rob at a interview to talk about Tower Unite’s brand new BRU RAY BRAYER

@CommanderFluffles Oh my goodness! Rob is so embarassed!! He been slackin lookin’ at the forum! :confounded:
Rob talkin’ bout being a man of the people and he not even doin’ a good job of keepin up. Applogies all around!
Rob would absolutely be down to do an interview about Tower Unite, and again I am REAL sorry bout’ dis!
Jeeze might as well call me Rob Van Winkle cuz I feel like I dozed off for 2 months.


@Rob splendid! We are glad you accepted to chat a bit more about this feel free to add my steam