An ingame bug report window

I suggested this on the Stream today, and noticed one of the devs liked it. So here I am to expand on it.

So basically, in Rust; there’s a little window at the top right where you can write out a bug report. So why not have it in this game? So all you gotta do, press F(enter number here) and a little window pops up. There are two tabs. One where you submit a bug report, and the other where you can rate other people’s reports. All in the game.

When you submit your bug report, you can have the option to list your specs. So either you write them down, or the devs make some way to auto detect your specs.

That’s about all, thanks!

We have the forum set up currently to receive bug reports and then those bug reports can be easily forwarded to the forum’s Trello board. If they can figure out a way to use an in-game bug report and tie it to either the forum of Trello, it seems like a solid idea.

They talked about on the stream about having bug reports that send where you were standing and facing in the game so that they can pin point where you where when you sent the report. Along with some system statistics.

If they feel they have the resources and ability to collect all of these reports without causing a hassle, then that sounds like a prime idea. It could perhaps just take the place of the forum section period with the amount of information included. Coupling a screenshot or clip of the bug with the in-game report system would make it even better, too.