An idea for a Plaza Event

It should be like a scavenger hunt, where you look for little catsacks hidden throughout the plaza. That’s all! :slight_smile:

I think that’s a neat event.


How would item placement work? Would it be designated spots that have chances of appearing or would it place a catsack in random places?


My only complaint is… does it really need to be another catsack? I wasn’t joking when I said they were overused. Some collectable other than a catsack should suffice, even the little cuboid from early Ball Race would fit nicely. Anything but another catsack.

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I don’t get why you don’t like catsacks so much.


It’s more of a cute, quirky, pride thing, fueled by the fact that so many other people like it. It’s like a mascot. I don’t really like Bobcats all that much, but I felt a lot of pride behind my middle school mascot, and everyone else did.

It’s not so much that I look at it and go “I love this thing”, but more of the fact that it sorta represents Tower Unite, and the general spontaneity behind tower and the players in tower, but in reality it’s just a really malformed cat blob thing.

However, this thread is about plaza events, not catsacks and how much people like them. It would be just as well that hidden behind and around things are the rewards themselves (Gold bars, microwaves, units) and simply claiming that random item as you found it might just work.

On second thought, finding odd things around the plaza and just keeping them sounds like fun.


The catsacks won’t be the only things spawned by the event system, though.