Am I playing the game right?

I think I win the petting game :smiley:


Two guys pet the cat over 10,000 times… just… to win an argument :joy:

I can’t find the topic tho :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s nice to see a cat lover here :smile:

######cats are assholes


*takes a Strepsil *


someone had like 99.999 i think

… o_o



… … but… BUT WHYYYYY???

My highscore currently is 10001 clicks. Someone there had the highest possible 32 bit number, and I have no idea how people manage to mess it up this badly.

• Photoshop / Paint
• Autoclicker
• Super fast clicking ability… … .-.

Oh, and… … was the catsack still alive?? :anguished:

I used an autoclicker and getting to 10k takes quite a while. Getting 500 million (I have seen something like this) would still take days even with an autoclicker.
Photoshop/Paint is not very likely because it just looked too legit to be edited. Only choice would be something similiar to browser inspection tools, but does TU have something like this?

Dunno :open_mouth:

… …

so… … … was the catsack still alive after 2 billions clicks?

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Yes the catsack is fine now he is having a beer at the Fresh Juice shop :slight_smile:

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You can pet the cat?

…I’ll be right back.


I got like 32 then couldn’t help myself and played the game.

That is my 2nd favorite game. My first is Tower Unite :wink: